Worst thing to happen when starting a new blog

And it happened to me.

In marketing (oh I am a marketing buff btw) there is a term called early adopters. It is used to describe a type of adventurous consumers who are always looking out for the next amazing find.  They are rare and very unique. Kind a like unicorns. It’s a big deal to impress early adopters in beginning stages of your product launch. 

And before you go back to recheck if you by mistake clicked on a marketing blog, I can assure you didn’t. You are on livinglifedubai.com – a blog about rebuilding life after depression. 

But something horrible happened yesterday. 

My laptop broke

And early adopters are first thing that came to my mind when on second day of blogging lights started flickering in corner of my screen. 10 minutes later and there was a red colored block covering 5 cm of my screen. 2 days to replace the screen they said. And all I could think about is those few early adopters who I will fail to impress. 

So here I am freaking out. 

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If you are a pro blogger share how you deal with crisis like this, or share your blogging horror story. 

And if you are one of those early adopters please don’t give up on me.

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