How to wear fashionable sneakers – a trend we should all embrace

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Some trends you are never able to jump on – think uggs, Toms, Vans, are wiggly eyebrows. Some trends, you kind of cannot ignore. Sneakers, are one of those trends – they are kind of a big deal in fashion crowd right now, and you definitely do not want to ignore it.

I never followed fashion trends much. I love classic pieces, and timeless vibe. However, since I became a mom of two, and suffered depression, my fashion vibe was more – my kids picked out my outfit. I also, never owned a pair of sneakers in my life.


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That is until now. Because few days ago something horrible happened. As I was getting ready to go to my 6 year old meeting with school principal she asked:

“You are wearing high heels again? Mommy, why you just dont get some sneakers and be a cool mommy?”

My heart sank.


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I knew this day will come sooner or later, but I never guessed it will happen so soon. I am only 30 after all. So that same afternoon I scrolled Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration. Turns out, kid was right. Sneakers are everywhere. And this time, this is the trend you can actually like.

I compiled some evidence, if you are a non-believer.

Dubai sneakers
As seen on Maram Zbeada – Dubai Fashion Influencer
sneakers fashion
As seen on Wafa from Appliquestylist


Mommy style
As seen on fav mommy fashion inspo – Malin Bjork

Armed with Pinterest and Instagram fashion knowledge I went out and came back with two pairs – classic Adidas Stan Smiths

Classic Adidas Stan Smith
Classic Adidas Stan Smith – image from Visual

and this Nike beauty

Black Nike Roshe with white tick
Nike Roshe  – Image from The Hunt

Honestly, I can say I am a convert. I own 3 pairs now, and I am already looking for next buy.

If you like this trend and you are not sure how to wear it – check out this handy Pinterest board I compiled for you (and me too). There is some major sneakers fashion inspo.

If you are on board, and have a major sneakers addiction then this must have sneakers board is for you.

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3 thoughts on “How to wear fashionable sneakers – a trend we should all embrace

  1. Love that my love of sneakers is actually trendy now!! I have to wear comfy shoes anyway as am disabled but have worn trainers or sneakers for years as love them!! My favourite though are skechers as they are sooooo comfy and last for ages!!

    1. Hahahhaa now you can always say you foresee trends years before they come – such a trend setter. They are so on trend now, specially the ones in neutrals. Plenty of styles to chose from.

      Me, on the other hand, hated wearing sneakers. Now I feel they are God sent. Already scouring the web for new additions 🙂
      if you have any recommendations (maybe your favorite Sketchers?) send them my way 🙂

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