5 New Year resolutions you can actually stick to

New years Resolution

Most of us are guilty with already falling off the wagon with New Year resolutions.

Especially the crazy unrealistic ones – like lose half a bodyweight by Valentine’s day (or your best friend’s wedding, or graduation ceremony in 20 days), learn a language in 3 weeks, or save enough money for an early retirement. Especially since most of the resolutions came without actionable plan in sight, or maybe came with a plan that is as crazy as resolution itself (to live only on lettuce and water, exercise 3 times a day, and completely ditch your Starbucks addiction now that VAT has made it so unreasonably overpriced).

But now that you gave yourself a week to mess up your totally unrealistic New Year resolutions, let’s set some you actually can stick to:

Eat well one day of the week

Most of us fail diets because we try to restrict ourselves too much at once – going completely carb free, cutting calories intake in half, or swearing off entire food groups for good. Completely unrealistic, and practically unsustainable. Instead, decide to eat clean one day of the week. Add 10 minute walk a day. Do it for a month, and eat as you would on normal days. I promise by the end of the month; you should see changes (unless you increase your calorie intake on other days). Once you completed a month, you can set another goal for February – add second healthy eating day and increase walking time to 20 minutes. The changes will be small and gradual, but ensure you don’t fall off the track, or plateau few weeks in.

Save 10 dirhams for each week of January

Totally doable and non-intimidating right? By end of January you will have 40 AED. Small change, but a sum you will not be tempted to spend. Similar to weightless goal, next month try to save a bit more – 20 AED. Increase the amount monthly, and you should have a nice sum saved by the end of the year. So simple and easy, right?

Organize yourself NOW

We all wish to be more organized and achieve more.

Bad news is in 2018 you will have same amount of hours in day as you did in 2017. Good news is you can prioritize better what you want to achieve in those hours.

No excuses, no delays, and no procrastination – sit right now and decide what you want to be more organized with. Once decided open google calendar and schedule it in. My resolution is to blog 4 times a week. I already planned and marked in calendar blog post schedule for January, and I am almost done writing those posts. This way, I have a month worth of posts in advance, and I can start blogging more seriously. Easy, and totally doable, while just 7 days back I couldn’t imagine having a week worth of blog posts ready.

Schedule in your me time now

Setting resolutions like I should take better care of myself simply don’t work for 2 reasons – it’s nonspecific and it sets a lot of pressure with that shouldInstead try this – every Thursday from 4 to 6 pm (or any other day and time slot that works for you) I will dry brush my skin, do a hair and face mask, and have an Epsom Salt Bath. Doesn’t seem so abstract and unachievable, right? Plus, if you miss one appointment with yourself, you always have all rest of them booked for a whole year. Cool, right?

Stress less  Meditate 10 minutes every night before sleep

Or anytime of the day. Just choose the time and choose one of those relaxing YouTube videos to meditate to. I like this one. We do not dictate how much stress we get – I certainly couldn’t control getting Fibromyalgia, losing my grandfather, seeing my father in law sick, or having a pukey toddler. But I can choose to regroup and decompress each day for 10 minutes. If you are a Muslim, 5 prayers a day are excellent time to do just that. Instead of rushing to get it out of your way as fast as possible, use prayer time to disconnect from this world and have spiritual calming moments where its only you and the God.

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Doable New Year Resolutions 2018

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5 thoughts on “5 New Year resolutions you can actually stick to

    1. Thanks sweetie. Yes, Fibro is a beast to deal with and stops me from achieving much, but Im confident I can stick to my 2018 solutions.

    1. Thanks dear 💕 since I always had trouble keeping up with it I decided the way to go is super easy and fail proof 🙂 happy you like them 💕

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